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USA Cuba Legal Travel Explained
USA Cuba Travel
Legally traveling to Cuba from the United States of America is an option now for American citizens provided that OFAC licensing considerations are met and trips are in compliance with Cuba travel guidelines.
US Cuba Travel Guidelines
Havana Art Biennial Cuba Tour

Cuba's Fire Festival

JoJazz Havana Festival

Havana Film Festival

Havana Jazz Festival

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Cuba's Ballet Festival

Cuban Cultural Tours to Cuba from USA
Cuba Cultural Tours & Travel

Cuba Cultural Tours offers many ways to explore the Cuban culture. Whether you want to explore dance, performing arts, music, painting, or to embark on a photography tour, Authentic Cuba Travel is definitely your one-stop agency for all things Cuba tours and travel! Browse our Cuba cultural tours today to find out what sets Authentic Cuba Travel apart from the rest!

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Cuba Study Tours & Travel to Cuba from USA
US Cuba Study Tours & Travel
Authentic Cuba Travel offers universities, colleges and schools from US, Canada and all over the world the best study trips to Cuba.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

US Cuba Educational Tours & Travel
Educational Travel to Cuba should be more than sunbathing in beautiful Caribbean beaches while sipping cold tropical drinks.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Delve into the Culture of Cuba and Discover the Authentic Cuba on People-to-people Cultural Tours from USA

Havana Art Biennial 2019 Photography Tour Adventures 2019 Fire Festival, Santiago de Cuba 2019 Reviews about Cuba Cultural Tours & Travel Discount Cuba Tours People-to-people Cuba Tours & Travel People-to-people Cuba Tours & Travel US Organizations Cuba Travel by Authehtic Cuba Travel Cuba School Travel and Study Tours

Cuba Cultural Tours for Americans to Engage in People to People Exchanges with Cubans

Traveling to Cuba legally on Cultural Tours is possible not only for US Academic Art Institutions, Art Foundations and Organizations, but for Art Professionals and Americans in General.

After President Trump’s announcement on USA Cuba travel on June, 2017, all categories of legal Cuba travel remain unaffected; except for the Individual People-to-people Cuba Travel which will be ended.

Art Academic and Educational Institutions, Cultural Organizations and Foundations and others can organize cultural tours in Cuba for its members and general public under the General License for People to People Travel, the General License for Professional Research or the General License for Public Performances, Clinics and Workshops. However, the cultural trips to Cuba sponsored by these organizations must meet specific OFAC requirements to be in compliance with current USA Cuba travel regulations that remain in place even after the easing of travel restrictions.

A full schedule of activities in Cuba that promotes the people to people exchanges in between US citizens and Cubans, not having free or recreational time in excess, not engaging in tourist activities, being fully escorted by a member of the sponsoring organization are some of the criteria to be met in order to qualify to visit Cuba legally under the general license.

Depending on the sort of cultural travel experience that a given US art organization wishes and is entitled to organize, legal requirements both in USA and in Cuba can vary. So it is important to work with a Cuba travel service provider that has the experience and the proper contracts and contacts in Cuba and in North America to organize and run custom-made cultural trips to Cuba in compliance with current regulations on USA Cuba travel.

US professionals can travel to Cuba legally in certain cultural tours to Cuba in order to conduct professional research related to their profession, professional background or area of expertise, including their area of graduate-level full time study. Others can simply join our Cuba Real Tours which are covered by the Specific or General License for People to People Travel to Cuba. In fact, any US citizen can join these monthly tours without worries. At Authentic Cuba Travel we take care of all legal paperwork for our travelers.

We have a long list of U.S. referrals, and all the tools, resources and contacts needed in North America and in Cuba, to put together the most amazing cultural and educational exchange for your organization in a way that meets OFAC guidelines and regulations. Experience counts; call us today for a free consultation.

USA Cuba travel is available to a wider range of Americans for the first time in 50 years due to a rare political opening, and for those in the United States looking to see Cuba, legal travel from USA should be taken advantage of while the opportunity exists. Whether you want to explore performing arts, dance, music, painting, or to embark on a photography tour, Cuba cultural travel is definitely the way to see the authentic Cuba! Browse our Cuba cultural & educational tours today to find out what sets Authentic Cuba Travel apart from the rest!


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